Delayed Trust Magazine and Members Census

By | on October 17, 2020 |

Now that the season is underway and we are all eagerly anticipating how we’ll do in our second season in the Lowland League, the delayed Winter Edition of The Trust Magazine is in the post for all our members. We hope you all enjoy the articles which provide ‘moment in time’ thoughts and reflections from our fans during our first season in the Lowland League, just before the world fell off its axis. Also, having read the recent version 24.2 of From the Grove to The Harrow, I hope you’ll agree that it compliments that excellent publication very nicely indeed.

Copies are also available for non-Trust members for £2.75 made payable by PayPal to The Trust account (account no. 00654621 Bank Code 12-12-57) whilst confirming payment and postal address by e-mail to [email protected]

Included in the members editions is a census form, seeking our members views on two important matters, and as a democratic and regulated fan body, both require our members direction before we consider our next steps.

We are asking for permission from our members to have freedom to enter talks with our friends in The Supporters Club SC to discuss:-

a) A potential Joint Venture to combine ST and SC shareholdings in BRFC plc to make a new significant share package, to try and attract a major financial investor or group of investors; selling shares for such being first mooted by The Supporters Club on 4th October last year

b) Amalgamation of The Supporters Trust and Supporters Club into a single more effective and valuable fan body.

The Trust Board recommend both motions as we feel that each has merit to continue progressing The Football Club in right direction in the right way. I’m personally extremely pleased to be collaborating so positively with Matty and The Supporters Club and I know he and his board feel the same. Exciting times.

Finally, I have to report that, quite understandably, some of our members have chosen to cancel their membership of The Trust and equally, we’ve been able to welcome new members from as far afield as Holland to The Supporters Trust.

Membership is suggested at £2 per month; with ability to pay more on the understanding that 100% of membership fees are provided to The Football Club; most recently to help secure the services of a couple of our new young players.

If you would like to join The Supporters Trust, please visit our website to read the members benefits and follow the simple joining instructions.

Andrew Allan


Berwick Rangers Supporters Trust