Fifteen Years and many donations later…

On 6th September 2003 we wrote the first cheque for the football club on behalf of BRST. The value was £120 for sponsoring the kit of Mark McCormick. Three months later we bought 2000 shares for £2000 which set us on the way to becoming one of the biggest shareholders in the club.

Since those early days the cheques have kept coming and we have made many finance contributions to the football club. Without the efforts of you the Trust membership, it is unlikely would have benfited from this finance. In that period only the Supporter’s Club have provided more finance to Berwick Rangers. Proving that, although we may all be individual supporters, collectively we have made a significant contribution to the finances at Shielfield.

Below are listed all of the payments made to the club and the reasons for those payments.







Sponsorship of Edinburgh University Match

Donation to 1881 Fund


6th Sep
Kit Sponsor
18th Dec
 2003 Total £2120.00
30th Jan
15th Jun
27th Jul
Purchase of Club Shop & Bank Account
23rd Sep
U17 sponsorship
16th Oct
11th Nov
Badging of U17 Strips
2004 Total
11th Mar
19th May
16th Aug
Youth Initiative
30th Oct
Radio Ad
1st Dec
Kit Sponsor
 2006 Total £14,936.08
11th Jan
Youth Initiative
7th Jun
Youth Initiative
5th Aug
Payment for Gary Wood
25th Sep
Kit Sponsor
2nd Dec
Heating Boiler
2007 Total
2nd Jan
Payment for Gary Wood
30th Jan
Youth Initiative
21st Jul
Reserve Away Kit
17th Aug
Grass Mower
6th Nov
Advertising Board
6th Nov
Programme Advert
 2007 Total £2669.38
25th July Seats for Stand £2350.00
1st Oct Advertising Board £205.63
1st Oct Programme Advert £646.25
 2008 Total £3201.88
1st March General Donation £1200.00
20th August Website £575.00
6th Sept Advertising Board £201.25
30th Oct General Donation £600.00
5th Dec General Donation £600.00
 2009 Total £3176.25
20t March General Donation £1000.00
23rd April General Donation £1700.00
20th May Shop Money £2500.00
20th May Shop Stock £5000.00
20th October General Donation £1000.00
24th November General Donation £1500.00
 2010 Total £12700.25
3rd Feb General Donation £1500.00
3rd May General Donation £1000.00
Various Reserve Team Programmes £596.80
1st October Ground Advert £210.00
 2011 Total £3306.80
14th January General Donation £5000.00
15th May General Donation £1250.00
Var Reserve Team props £264.00
 2012 Total £6514.00
18th March General Donation £5000.00
16th August Physio for reserves £100.00
16th August General Donation £550.00
8th October Physio for reserves £200.00
28th December Peterhead match sponsorship (Free game) £2200.00
28th December Peterhead match bucket collection donation £1800.00
 2013 Total £9850.00
1st April General Donation £1000.00
23rd August General Donation £900.00
23rd August Donation for Training Ground costs £1500.00
6th October Donation for Turnstile lights £291.55
18th October Donation for Player treatment costs £250.00
18th October Donation for Reserve team costs £360.00
14th November Donation for Training ground costs £1500.00
 2014 Total £5801.55
12th February Donation for Training ground costs £1500.00
10th April Donation for Ground repairs £1000.00
3rd July General Donation £900.00
3rd September Arbroath match sponsorship (Free game) £2500.00
3rd September Bucket collection donated from Arbroath game £1760.00
15th October Donation for Reserves physio £570.00
 2015 Total £8230.00
27th February Donation for Training ground costs £2000.00
28th April General Donation £400.00
23rd June Donation to Jonny Fairbairn coaching licence costs £500.00
29th June General Donation £900.00
29th October Donation towards Development team costs £600.00
16th December Donation towards Ground gates £2670.00
 2016 Total £7070.00
23rd April Donation for Development game admission £250.00
30th June Shirt Raffle Ticket £200.00
21st July General Donation £700.00
14th August Donation for Development team costs £2500.00
2nd September Player strip sponsorship £100.00
18th October Donation towards Notman testimonial first aid staff £200.00
 2017 Total £3950.00
20th January Donation for new player additions £3000.00
23rd July General donation £700.00
23rd October Ouzy See inserts £245.00
23rd October Reserves Kit £912.12
 2018 Total £4,657.12
25th April Reserves laundry costs £350.00
8th July Disability Audit for Club Licence £200.00
23rd August Shirt Sponsorship £150.00
23rd October Stadium report, electrical repairs and floodlight bulbs £5000.00
 2019 Total £5,700.00
3rd January Player Sponsorship £150.00
3rd January Yaw Osei – Part wage payment £700.00
21st February Sponsorship of Edinburgh University Match £750.00
14th April Donation to 1881 Fund £3000.00
29th April Shirt Sponsor Raffle £200.00
21st Sep Boot Deal & Agency Fee – Lewis AllanShirt Sponsor Raffle £330.00
12th Oct Vale of Leithen Match Sponsorship £330.00
20th Oct Part Payment Wage – Andy McNeill £1400.00
 2020 Total £6830.00
26th January EV Solutions repairs £1100.00
11th June Trust advertising boards at Shielfield £153.00
12th June Ian Smith – Replacement Medal £153.00
28th June Golf Day sponsorship £250.00
13th July Green fees for golf day £600.00
 2021 Total £2246.00
25th January Donation for Defib battery £287.00
21st February Ryan Renton donation £529.00
12th April Share of play of year trophy £128.00
08th Aug Donation for external defib case £579.00
5th Sep Video camera repairs £188.00
10th Oct Water bottles for wildcats £295.00
28th Oct Playing budget donation £4000.00
7th Dec Club shop card payment system £184.00
 2022 Total £6190.00
10th January New goal nets £256.00
12th January Camera repairs £415.00
 2023 Total £671.00

The above does not include items such as donations of stock made from the shop to the club (totalling in the region of £700) and the reserve team programmes, sales of which go straight to the reserves (approx. £500).

We broke through the £100,000 landmark at the end of 2018. This is not our achievement, it is your achievement.
Congratulations to each and every one of you, the people who have made this happen.